WWF/TWF – Clean Energy Initiative Ilpolosat House Lighting and Predator deterrent Light

February 21, 2015

Through the World Wildlife Fund, households in the Ilpolosat area of Kajiado County have benefited WWF’s Clean Energy Initiative which is being installed and maintained by Michael Mbithi of Lion & Elephants Deterrent Systems (LEDs) and The Wildlife Foundation (TWF).


20 households benefited from the first phase of the project which was undertaken between December 2014 and January 2015. 20 more households are set to benefit from the second phase which is already in progress. The project has 2 components with each household receiving a solar house lighting system and at the same time their livestock being protected from predators through installation of  Solar LED lights predator deterrent also known as the Lion Lights.

The success of this project is likely to be higher because each family was required to contribute towards the cost of installation thereby creating a sense of ownership hence responsibility over the systems.

This WWF funded project has boosted the efforts of TWF whose projects continue to significantly contribute to the reduction human-wildlife conflicts in the Nairobi National Park dispersal area.

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