The Wildlife Foundation

The Wildlife Foundation promotes and implements conservation projects in wildlife dispersal areas outside Kenya’s national parks, teaming with the Kenya Wildlife Service and the local Maasai pastoralists who share their savanna grasslands with abundant wildlife.

For many years, Nairobi National Park had been facing enormous pressure from unsustainable and uncontrolled land subdivision. In response, The Wildlife Foundation began in 2000 with the Wildlife Conservation Lease Programme, enrolling two Maasai families and a total of 214 acres of grassland. Over the past thirteen years, the programme has expanded to include 55,000 acres of land under conservation, increasing the protected area of Nairobi National Park by 200%. Today, the Conservation Lease Programme directly benefits 3096 people in 385 Maasai families. The program also indirectly supports an additional 4000 Maasai individuals.

The Wildlife Foundation is a registered Kenya NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) based at the Headquarters of the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) near the Main Gate of Nairobi National Park. The Wildlife Foundation is supported largely by funds raised by The Wildlife Trust, based in California, USA.