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Lions, lots and lots…

March 5, 2008

Report from Dave McKelvie, 28 January 2008. Nairobi National Park’s main lion pride has a big male, 3 females, teenagers and 2 little cubs. They seem to be happy to stay as game plentiful. 2 young males wander all over Nairobi National Park, last saw them near Cheetah gate with a kill just a couple of weeks ago. Just after Christmas, 2 young males were at burning site, a single female near water crossing trying to join pride but was chased, another pride with big male near marker 4 and then another 2 females at marker number 5, all seen in one trip through the Park. Also hear another pride near hippo pool of about 6. Lion numbers have now increased to approximately 19.

Nairobi National Park has been transformed since the Kenya Wildlife Service decided to burn it, after 5 years+ of dead grass. It’s now herds of buffalo with young, must be around 100+, eland with young 50+, kongoni with young 100+, zebra with young 100+; I came across a herd of 26 giraffe too. I also saw steinbuck. Black Rhinos I see everyday and came across 3 this morning just after 6am. I have to say and this is imperative, prescribed burning has rejuvenated the park and KWS must plan to do this every so often. KWS is to be commended for the grass burning and making Nairobi Park a place visitors can come and see game again.
Cheetah have been sighted, a huge male cheetah near Cheetah gate, 3 cheetahs just near Masai gate and I personally saw a big one near burning site just before Christmas. I also hear that Hopcraft farm had 18 cheetahs last year and hopefully, now that grass has been burnt, they will come back.

Lots of ostrich with young, too. Impala herd of about 20 with young seen, Tommies and Grants gazelles slowly coming back since the big prescribed burn. 2 Serval cats hang around marker number 7 and are seen often. Wildebeest were sighted Sunday coming into the Park near Cheetah gate. Unfortunately, we recently had domestic dogs in Park, which were reported to KWS and they tried to get them, but eventually they were killed by lions, wandered down a road right into a lion pride.