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Maasai moran celebration outside Nairobi Nat. Park

October 15, 2010

Over 300 young men were initiated at a very colorful “enkinosata Oo nkiri” ceremony taking place in the wildlife dispersal area South of Nairobi National Park. Almost 3/4 of these warriors are from families enrolled in our Wildlife Conservation Lease Programme, and we thank them and their enlightened parents for keeping their culture front and center along with the Maasai tradition of protecting wildlife on their lands.

This is one of the most important graduation ceremonies for the moran as it signifies their entry into adulthood. The event takes place only once every 10 to 12 years and only men of a specific age set based on their date of circumcision can graduate. Young men are circumcised at any age but usually between 10 and 20.

Before the ceremony starts all participants are painted with red ochre including women, and a sacred bull is selected for the “enkinosata Oo nkiri” ceremony, which translates from Maa to English as “Eating of meat”. These wonderful photos were taken by Peter Greste.