A Management Plan for Nairobi National Park

March 11, 2015


 The Wildlife Foundation was among stakeholders who were invited to participate in the process of drawing up a management plan for Nairobi National Park. The management plan will ensure the holistic management of Nairobi National Park which includes stakeholder participation including communities that neighbor the park and on whose land there is abundant wildlife requiring protection.


The Kenya Wildlife Service has also started the process of collecting views from the public on the proposed guidelines to be developed under the Wildlife Conservation and Management Act 2013 (“WCMA”). The Wildlife Foundation also participated in this public hearings where views and opinions of the public on the promulgation of the mandatory regulations were obtained.

Section 4 of the WCMA requires the implementation of the Act to be guided by the following principles:

  • Wildlife conservation shall be devolved wherever possible and appropriate, to those owners and managers of lands where wildlife occurs;
  • Conservation and management of wildlife shall entail effective public participation;
  • Wildlife conservation and management shall be encouraged and recognized as a form of land use on public, community and private land;
  • Wildlife conservation and management shall be exercised in accordance with the principles of sustainable utilization to meet the benefits of present and future generations, and, that benefits accruing from wildlife conservation and management shall be enjoyed and equitably shared by the people of Kenya.




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