CONSERVANCIES: Hope for Kenya’s Protected Areas

February 21, 2015

As more and more land is being converted to other land uses, protected areas in Kenya continue experience stress as the diminishing space for wildlife is likely to result in increased human-wildlife conflicts and loss of migration routes in the traditional areas. The Athi Kaputiei area in Kajiado County is one such area and is experiencing enormous pressures from the expanding Nairobi metropolis whose urban sprawl into the Kitengela and other towns in Kajiado continue to be a major threat to wildlife that require the area for their migration and dispersal, feeding and breeding.

Conservancies seem to be the best remaining sustainable option to rescue these critical lands which are key to the survival of Nairobi National Park.We remain indebted to the immediate park neighbors to the south of Nairobi National Park who have continued to support our programs as The Wildlife Foundation and have contributed to the preservation of the Nairobi National Park dispersal area.


On Saturday 31st January 2015, 15 families were represented at this first meeting to start the process of establishing a conservancy to the south of the park in the Empakasi area. The area is of critical importance to Nairobi National Park as wildlife continues to move in between the park and these lands.

The establishment of this conservancy will set precedence for the establishment of more connecting conservancies and protect the remaining critical areas within the greater Kitengela dispersal area.

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